Do it, BHP!

In response to an article in The Australian where BHP was responding to the South Australian government telling them to build their own power station for the Olympic Dam minesite, after yet another power interruption, I wrote the following comment:

Do it, BHP! Build a nuclear power station. The government has given you the go-ahead. Build a nuclear power station and then sell the power to the entire state. You will single-handedly secure South Australia's energy supply and supply your own needs and have a new business in electricity generation.

Redfining marriage

On the matter of redfining marriage, a reader of The Australian named Rob made this comment that clarifies the issue nicely:

A matter of critical national importance is legislation providing for apples to be called oranges. This issue goes to the very heart of citric equality. The question can only be properly determined by a national plebiscite.  And anyone who suggests that some apples will be juiced in this process is just a scaremongering bigot and dictatorial autocrat.  Cider is simply alcoholic juice after all.

Pushing back against political correctness.

This is my response to a speech by Barack Obama in which he blamed the Republicans for the rise of Donald Trump.

Nothing more than a bit of political point scoring. Obama forgets, or deliberately decides not to mention, that the GOP did everything it could to prevent Trump from becoming the nominee. They presented several credible candidates. Many of their leaders refused to endorse Trump. They even held emergency meetings to try to work out says to block him. Obama is being disingenuous to ignore this!

People movements

On Facebook Joshua posted a short poem:

I may have little but what is mine; is yours,
And I will freely open all my doors,
To all those seeking refuge on our shores.


And, Joshua, if a thousand come to your door today, and another thousand tomorrow, and then another thousand the next day, and... What are you going to do then? There are about 50 million displaced people in the world. If they all turn up at your door? You will need to think the problem through a bit more!


The Labor Party motion to legalise 'same sex marriage'

My response to the Labor Party motion to legalise 'same sex marriage'

That's why we don't trust Labor. They don't trust us, the people, to have a debate about a change in our social structure that is profound. They just want to dictate to us from on high!

Labor, It's time you let the people decide!

Romany responded with this comment:
My rights shouldn't be up for a public debate with a platform given to hate speech.

Comments on the 'gay marriage' debate

In response to an article in The Australian I responded to a comment:

From a man named John:

I've had a gut full of the whole thing. Marriage is between a man and a woman: full stop! And it will be ever thus.

Wait and hear the gays cry louder than ever when they lose the plebiscite. Also think of all the skullduggery that will occur to try and swing he vote. It will be worse than the skullduggery at elections.

To which I responded: