Understanding the Bible and the Quran

The key issue is context. You have to read the Quran in it's context as you read the Bible in it's context.

Some key differences:

The Bible was written over a period of several thousand years and covers about 4-5000 years of history. It was written by a large number of authors, and yet remains consistent in it's message.

The Quran covers about 23 years of history, largely written by Muhammad's followers from either dictation or memorisation, though the claim is also made that it has no author, or that Allah is it's author.

Knuckle dragging dinosaur

So the Greens reckon I'm a dinosaur for opposing gay marriage and the so-called 'safe schools', and Bill Shorten reckons I'm a 'knuckle dragger' for much the same thing. So, I must be a knuckle dragging dinosaur!

Aren't they good at throwing around insults to all who disagree, but are super sensitive to anything that might be said about their own views. Then they use terms like 'homophobe' and 'bigot' very freely.

Property and profit are theft

This is my response to a Facebook post about negative gearing:

Yep. Negative gearing is for the rich. Us rich are screwing everybody else. Never mind that we provide affordable rental properties for all those who either cannot afford or do not want to buy a house. Never mind that we take all the risk. That we do all the maintenance. Pay all the insurance. Do all the repairs. Pay the mortgage. Doesn't matter. We are the rich. Ripping people off.

We are the rich. That's why we mortgage ourselves to the eyeballs to buy an investment property.

Safe Schools: A letter to the Premier.

A week ago, on 22 March 2016, we wrote a letter to the Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews, on the subject of 'Safe Schools'. We have no had a reply of any sort, not even an acknowledgement. We thought it would be appropriate to publish it here.

G’day Daniel,

I am writing to you to protest your government’s decision to continue to enforce the so called ‘Safe Schools’ program in its present form.

The Australian media and politics

From LLoyd, a coorespondent to 'The Australian'

The bulk of the media really need to grow up and stop playing their petty and mindless games. Australia deserves better. Good government and good policy decisions are never going to be achieved in this current climate of gossipy and irresponsible media. Chris Kenny is right to highlight this irrational obsession that most in the Canberra Press Gallery have with Abbott. They are so determined to completely destroy the man that they can not see how they are totally undermining the good long term governance of this nation.

Why do gay teens commit suicide at far higher rates than others?

Nobody seems to ask the question why it is that gay teens commit suicide at far higher rates than others. It can't be the bullying - the high rates of suicide by gay people persists in societies such a Sweden where the gay lifestyle is much more accepted than here. To say that bullying causes it is a popular thing to say. But gays are not the only ones getting bullied. There are many different groups that get bullied, but who do not have the higher rates of suicide. Why?

Appalling double standards

Anti abortion activist has his visa cancelled by the Minister for Immigration:

Anti-abortion activist Troy Newman was due to leave Australia last night after a special sitting of the High Court dismissed his application for an interlocutory injunction to prevent his removal.

The court will not begin deliberating for at least a month on whether Immigration Minister Peter Dutton erred in last week revoking Mr Newman’s visa.

Fukushima and nuclear power.

Just some thoughts on the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown in March 2011.

There are two Fukushima power stations. 1 melted down, one didn't.

Fukushima 1, which suffered a meltdown, was built between 1967 and 1976. The reactors operated for around 40 years without major incident until monstered by a magnitude 9 earthquake and the resulting tsunami.