'Renewables' or nuclear?

Renewables are unreliable, expensive, cause pollution, are hazardous to wildlife, are incapable of generating baseload electricity, and are a blight on the landscape.

If you are serious about clean, inexpensive electricity, then you will be actively investigating nuclear energy. Nuclear generates large amounts of baseload energy with almost zero carbon output. It is safe, clean and plentiful. Australia has about 40% of the world's uranium reserves.

Destroying marriage

A correspondent to The Australian, 'Save the Krill' asked the question:

What have I missed?  In the sixties and seventies, the gay movement as it was then, were fervently against marriage.  Now they are terminally miserable and cannot live without it.  Can someone tell me what happened?

My response:

Yes, I have noticed that too. And having researched it a bit it has become clear to me that the activists driving this have the aim of destroying marriage.

In response to Trump's ban on entry from some Middle East countries.

I reckon everybody is missing the point. Sure, we should make sure terrorists are not getting in. But we aren't looking at the nature of Islam, and what will the effect of large Muslim minorities have on a country. In case you're wondering, look at France. Look at what is beginning to happen in Germany. Look at what is happening in Indonesia.

We need to talk about this!

In response to an article about Donald Trump's decision to temporarily ban people from some Muslim nations from entry to the United States.

Perhaps this will finally get us talking about the nature of Islam.

Islam is not just another religion. It is a religio-political system that is totally supremacist. According to the Quran Muslims are to be in jihad until Islam is supreme. This is completely incompatible with our democratic system of government.

Reforming the Senate.

In response to Tony Abbott's suggestion that we reform the Senate so that there could be joint sittings of both houses to pass legislation blocked by the Senate, with the need for a double dissolution.

The Australian system is that the party with the most seats in the House of Representatives forms government. The Senate is meant to be a house of review.