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Tulip under attack!

There is quite some debate about Calvin and Calvinism going on in some Christian circles. Some of this debate has been taking place on the public forum of Facebook. It is distressing to me that a fair bit of the discussion has been quite intemperate with some putting others down in unpleasant ways.

Asylum seekers

Well, what are we to do? As individuals. As families. As a nation. As local communities.

Asylum seekers. Some come by boat, some come by plane. With Australia being an island continent, they are the only options.

It's the boat people that get the attention. They are on the front pages regularly, and have been so on and off for years. At present it is a growing problem. During the Howard years the numbers of boat people arriving dwindled, but there were voices being raised that our treatment of them was inhumane.

Interesting article on gay 'marriage' from Rex Ahdar, law professor at Otago University in New Zealand

OPINION: It is an empty argument to say that gay couples deserve equal legal recognition, Rex Ahdar says.

The catchcry of same-sex marriage proponents is "equality": gay couples have a right to equal treatment and to deny them legal marriage is blatant discrimination.

Yet this claim deflects attention from the real issue: what is the true nature of marriage?

The hidden costs of energy

In response to a Facebook posting about the 'externalities' of using coal to generate electricity I commented:

The health care costs of coal ... so why haven't we started using nuclear energy? It is the only clean energy source with enough grunt to run our society's power needs.

Rebuking sin and having compassion

In response to a post on Facebook with this picture featuring these words,

True Christians rebuke sin and expose it.
False Christians practice sin and defend it.
A friend of the world is the enemy of God
James 4:4

I commented:

Not sure that's a valid dichotomy, Jason. There's more to this than meets the eye. The Bible also says that love covers over a multitude of sins. Jesus himself said that people would know us by our love, not how well we rebuke sin.