Bushfires - How bad are they?

Bushfires are like a raging beast that devours everything in its path. So how do we tackle them? What can we do to make them more manageable. What impact does 'climate change' have on them? Should we work harder to reduce fuel loads in the bush? Are the current bushfires really 'unprecendented'? Martyn Iles from the Australian Christian Lobby considers these things.


Bushfire. The savage beast that kills ...

Bushfire. The savage beast that kills, maims, destroys everything in its path. A roaring devouring beast that can jump many hundreds of metres fuelled by the eucalyptus oils that the Australian bush gives off when it is hot. It is this blue haze of eucalyptus oils that give the Blue Mountains in New South Wales their name. Bushfires. Fierce fires with the roar of a jet and the speed of an express train. Frightening, terrifying, and often fatal.

Time for thankfulness!

Droughts and bushfires and flooding rains. Time for thankfulness! From Martyn Iles.