Christian life

The calling of a husband and father

A very important post from Martyn Iles. He is responding to an incident in Brisbane in which a man murdered his estranged wife and their three children, and killed himself.
We've all been shocked by the harrowing incident in Brisbane.

In that vein, here's an intimidating but timely thought for men, especially if married or in a relationship.

When you meet God, as you surely will, you will be held accountable for the condition of the woman in your life.

Is Christianity harmful?

So is Christianity harmful? Dr Chavura discusses this and shows the underlying ideology that promotes these questions, and shows that the church is a force for good, and actually gives positive mental health outcomes. Based on good solid research.


Who is Jordan Peterson and what does he care about?

If you find life hard, watch this video. It will give you a place to start. From a man who really cares about people.


Jordan Peterson on depression

Depression. Very honest and very real, because dr Peterson has suffered from severe depression, and it has had a major impact on his family, for generations. Good insights. Well worth your time to view.


On atomic bombs and virus pandemics

Matt Smethurst writes 'It’s now clear that COVID-19 is a deadly serious global pandemic. Still, C. S. Lewis’s words—written 72 years ago—ring with relevance for us. Just replace “atomic bomb” with “coronavirus.”'

CS Lewis writes,