Climate change

Many people, including many Christians, wonder about the 'climate change' phenomenon. Christians want to care for the world, for the environment. God gave us a world to live in and take care of. But is 'climate change' really a caring for the world issue, or is there something else going on? Martyn Iles, from the Australian Christian Lobby, discusses the nature of the 'climate change' phenomenon, its origins and its roots in postmodernism and cultural Marxism, and then goes on to give a Biblical viewpoint of it. The climate change discussion starts at the 20.54 minute stage.


What is, and isn't, settled about climate science.

An interesting debate on climate change, between Hadi Dowlatabadi, Canada research chair and professor in Applied Mathematics and Global Change at the University of British Columbia, and Richard Lindzen is a professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

One of the key points to come from this debate is that the climate is incredibly complex, and therefore, making predictions based on 'models' of climate change is unlikely to produce accurate results. A well reasoned debate by a couple of scientists with real expertise in the area.

Very professionally hosted by journalist Steve Paikin.

It is worth noting that this debate dates from 2010. It would be interesting to see what effect developments since then have had, though I don't think it would affect the underlying principles outlined in this video.


Testing the evidence used in the climate science debate

Professor Richard Lindzen, an atmospheric scientist, was Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, MIT from 1983 until his retirement in 2013. Currently he is a Distinguished Senior Fellow in Cato Institute's Center for the Study of Science.

In this presentation, from his 2018 Global Warming Policy Foundation lecture, he examines the evidence used in the climate science debate. He also examines some of the roots of the ideology surrounding this debate. Worthwhile to view.


An Open Letter to Greta Thunberg:

An open letter to Greta Thunberg, addressing her claims in regard to 'climate change' and other issues. Worth your time to read, as it clarifies many of the issues Thunberg speaks about. From Jason D Hill.

You are not a moral leader. But I will tell you what you are.

Greta Thunberg:

You have declared yourself a leader and said that your generation will start a revolution.

What I Wasn't Told About Climate Change

What I Wasn't Told About Climate Change. With Luca Rossi

In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual. Galileo.


Earth Day and failed predictions.

Mark J Perry lists 18 spectacularly wrong predictions made around the time of first Earth Day in 1970. Expect more this year. From the time of Earth Day, April 21, 2019. You can see the original article here.

Time for thankfulness!

Droughts and bushfires and flooding rains. Time for thankfulness! From Martyn Iles.