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Where is the vigorous debate about our response to Covid?

12 April 2020.

Where is the vigorous debate about our response to Covid?

The original article can be read in The Spectator here.

The lockdown sceptic they couldn’t silence

This is an interesting and useful article looking at the usefulness or otherwise of the lockdowns we have been having as a result of the various nations of the world's lockdowns in response to the Chinese Covid 19 corona virus. He was censored, but his view is getting quite some coverage and influence.

A longish read, but worth your time to get a more balanced perspective.

Corona virus pandemic.

Here is an update on the coronavirus epidemic, what it means to you, to your future, and to Christianity across the world. Well thought out and worth watching. From Creation Ministries.


Martyn Iles on corona virus and the power of the state

Martyn Iles, on the nature of truth, how it is suppressed in totalitarian political systems, and the price we pay for the suppression of truth.

COVID-19 has given us an object lesson in what can happen when the state becomes the arbiter of truth, as in China.

For a communist government, there is no higher authority than the state.

When the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened in 1986, the official position of the Soviet Union was that such a disaster was not possible in the Soviet Union. Therefore, it was not happening.

Is this the Rise of the ‘Red Dawn’?

From Mark Powell. A very interesting view of the Chinese virus pandemic. You can see the original article here.

Don't waste a crisis.

From Charles Newington, National Director of Family Voice Australia.

In last weekend’s The Australian Bernard Salt wrote of the absence of religion in many lives, and that in times of pandemic “It’s almost as if humanity needs a god to take the blame for matters beyond our control.

One controversial aspect of Trump's response to COVID-19 is right

James Brown, in WAtoday, speaks about the responsibility that China has for causing the disastrous spread of the Chin

Say no! to house arrest.

Nigel Farage, the British politician, speaks here about the overreach of the authorities in restricting citizens' movements during the current coronavirus crisis. He is quite happy to be responsible and take all precautions, and he is happy to support the government's steps to protect people, but he is concerned about the danger to civil liberties. The context is the UK, but the issues are similar to Australia. Well worth your time to watch.


Coronavirus: Protests expose elite disconnect with ordinary citizens

From William McGurn, in The Wall Street Journal. You can see the article in The Australian

There they go again, ordinary Americans denying science and refusing to defer to their betters.

In state capitals across the country, citizens are protesting the continued coronavirus lockdowns. A CNN critic calls them “COVID-19 deniers,” notwithstanding that the science they allegedly deny still lacks conclusive answers to some of the most fundamental questions about the coronavirus.

COVID-19 Restrictions Are Arbitrary

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Admits COVID-19 Restrictions Are Arbitrary

From Dave Pellowe at the Caldron Pool. You can read the original article here.

This is a different view of the lock down restrictions for the corona virus 'pandemic'. Dave's views are forthright, and can be challenging, but they are thoughtful and deserve serious consideration.