Electricity generation

'Renewables' or nuclear?

Renewables are unreliable, expensive, cause pollution, are hazardous to wildlife, are incapable of generating baseload electricity, and are a blight on the landscape.

If you are serious about clean, inexpensive electricity, then you will be actively investigating nuclear energy. Nuclear generates large amounts of baseload energy with almost zero carbon output. It is safe, clean and plentiful. Australia has about 40% of the world's uranium reserves.

The hidden costs of energy

In response to a Facebook posting about the 'externalities' of using coal to generate electricity I commented:

The health care costs of coal ... so why haven't we started using nuclear energy? It is the only clean energy source with enough grunt to run our society's power needs.

A Christian view of energy generation.

In response to an article about wind energy, a friend, Fred, asked me what my Christian response to our rapidly changing climate was. This is my response:

Well, Fred, there are a number of comments to be made.

Fukushima and nuclear power.

Just some thoughts on the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown in March 2011.

There are two Fukushima power stations. 1 melted down, one didn't.

Fukushima 1, which suffered a meltdown, was built between 1967 and 1976. The reactors operated for around 40 years without major incident until monstered by a magnitude 9 earthquake and the resulting tsunami.

Do it, BHP!

In response to an article in The Australian where BHP was responding to the South Australian government telling them to build their own power station for the Olympic Dam minesite, after yet another power interruption, I wrote the following comment:

Power failure in South Australia, September 2016

Interesting comment on the power supply situation in South Australia. The author's bias is obvious, but he does make some valid observations. The post was in response to a report that Bill Shorten, the federal opposition leader, had made some comment on the situation.

BS is no more qualified to talk about this issue than I am to talk about brain surgery but I know a bit about sparky type things.