Jesus and Muhammad.

If you want to understand the heart of a religion, of in the case of Islam, a political-religious system, you must look at its founder, what he taught and how he lived.

The difference between Christianity and Islam.

The difference between Christianity and Islam.

Jesus said, in Luke10:25 'Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's'. This recognises the legitimacy of the state as separate from the church. So I can love God with all the love that is due to God, and love my country with all the love that is due to my country. There is no clash.

How should Christians should respond to terrorist attacks?

A response to a sermon by Dave Groenenboom on how Christians should respond to terrorist attacks. Dave's sermon can be found here


Progression in the Bible and the Quran

This was my response to a post about there being more warlike verses in the Bible than in the Quran.

Yeah, and the Bible covers several millennia of history. The Quran covers 23 years of history.

The Bible moves from a time of the nation state of Israel, from more violent times, to the New Testament where there is no more conquest by the sword. In fact, none of the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament fought by the sword. So there is a progression away from the warlike towards the peaceful.

Understanding the Bible and the Quran

The key issue is context. You have to read the Quran in it's context as you read the Bible in it's context.

Some key differences:

The Bible was written over a period of several thousand years and covers about 4-5000 years of history. It was written by a large number of authors, and yet remains consistent in it's message.

The Quran covers about 23 years of history, largely written by Muhammad's followers from either dictation or memorisation, though the claim is also made that it has no author, or that Allah is it's author.

Australia needs to undertake a serious study of Islam

In response to this article in The Australian, I wrote:

We must seriously examine the issue of the nature of Islam, and what effect does a significant minority of Muslims have on any society. Islam is not just another religion. It is a completely supremacist religio-political system that seeks to dominate and control any society.

The other Egypt

Islam and the secular state

This is in response to an article by Tom Dick. I don't have the link to the original article, but my response is self explanatory.

Interesting article. I reckon he's both right and wrong.

Radicalisation of youth

This is a useful and insightful article about the aims and methods of radical Islam.


The author is a Canberra-based adviser on Islamic radicalisation.

Islamist terror


It wasn't a gun. It wasn't a bomb. It wasn't a machete.

It was a truck. A truck. 2-3 minutes. 84 now dead, including 10 children.

Do you understand now? It's not the weapon. It's the ideology.


Sydney shooting: jihadism isn’t about winning rights for Muslims

Sydney shooting: jihadism isn’t about winning rights for Muslims

The Australian, October 06, 2015 6:12PM

Chris Kenny, Associate Editor (National Affairs)

We need to talk about this!

In response to an article about Donald Trump's decision to temporarily ban people from some Muslim nations from entry to the United States.

Perhaps this will finally get us talking about the nature of Islam.

Islam is not just another religion. It is a religio-political system that is totally supremacist. According to the Quran Muslims are to be in jihad until Islam is supreme. This is completely incompatible with our democratic system of government.


I responded to a post on Facebook that was titled 'Five facts to fight Sonia Kruger's fear of Muslims'. There was an incredible response that shows the worst of the elitism of political correctness:

Willem: So why should we fight Sonia Kruger? She has spoken things that many are thinking. She has said that we need to discuss the connection between Islam and terrorism. That is a very valid and necessary thing to do. So why are we trying to fight her? Do we want to censor discussion?

In response to Trump's ban on entry from some Middle East countries.

I reckon everybody is missing the point. Sure, we should make sure terrorists are not getting in. But we aren't looking at the nature of Islam, and what will the effect of large Muslim minorities have on a country. In case you're wondering, look at France. Look at what is beginning to happen in Germany. Look at what is happening in Indonesia.

People movements

On Facebook Joshua posted a short poem:

I may have little but what is mine; is yours,
And I will freely open all my doors,
To all those seeking refuge on our shores.


And, Joshua, if a thousand come to your door today, and another thousand tomorrow, and then another thousand the next day, and... What are you going to do then? There are about 50 million displaced people in the world. If they all turn up at your door? You will need to think the problem through a bit more!