Marx and the new society

Is profit theft?

In response to a Facebook post that '...profit is theft' I posted this:

Sure. I work my tail off to establish a business, from scratch. 10 or 12 hours a day, and many times more. Six days a week. For years. When everyone else is knocked off having a beer. Or asleep in bed. I give excellent service and products to my customers who demonstrate that by coming back regularly. I make a profit. And you call that theft. You don't know what you're talking about.

Bolivia: 'For a lasting solution to the climate crisis we must destroy capitalism'

Bolivia grabs the bull by the horns; their official submission to the UN climate talks in Paris later this year puts capitalism at the heart of the crisis and calls for its abolition.

My response:

Destroy capitalism and return us all to poverty. Yeah, right! I mean, destroy the most successful economic system the world has ever known? Why on earth would you do that?

Safe Schools: A letter to the Premier.

A week ago, on 22 March 2016, we wrote a letter to the Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews, on the subject of 'Safe Schools'. We have no had a reply of any sort, not even an acknowledgement. We thought it would be appropriate to publish it here.

G’day Daniel,

I am writing to you to protest your government’s decision to continue to enforce the so called ‘Safe Schools’ program in its present form.

Destroying marriage

A correspondent to The Australian, 'Save the Krill' asked the question:

What have I missed?  In the sixties and seventies, the gay movement as it was then, were fervently against marriage.  Now they are terminally miserable and cannot live without it.  Can someone tell me what happened?

My response:

Yes, I have noticed that too. And having researched it a bit it has become clear to me that the activists driving this have the aim of destroying marriage.

The contradiction of tolerance

The contradiction of tolerance

The inherent contradiction at the heart of the call for 'tolerance' was always going to come to a head. Eventually 'tolerance' would meet complete intolerance, and then what? It can't accept intolerance because it is contrary to itself, but if it doesn't accept intolerance it becomes intolerant and defeats itself.