Appalling double standards

Anti abortion activist has his visa cancelled by the Minister for Immigration:

Anti-abortion activist Troy Newman was due to leave Australia last night after a special sitting of the High Court dismissed his application for an interlocutory injunction to prevent his removal.

The court will not begin deliberating for at least a month on whether Immigration Minister Peter Dutton erred in last week revoking Mr Newman’s visa.

The bullies strike again

Australia's treatment of refugees.

This is a lightly edited version of a Facebook post in which I responded to a statement that Australia did not treat refugees well.

Some of the things that happen in refugee detention centres is less than ideal, and the government should take steps to sort that out. But I would also point out that this particular aspect of the problem will eventually disappear as no more illegal immigrants arrive, and those already in the detention centres leave.

Asylum seekers

Well, what are we to do? As individuals. As families. As a nation. As local communities.

Asylum seekers. Some come by boat, some come by plane. With Australia being an island continent, they are the only options.

It's the boat people that get the attention. They are on the front pages regularly, and have been so on and off for years. At present it is a growing problem. During the Howard years the numbers of boat people arriving dwindled, but there were voices being raised that our treatment of them was inhumane.

We need to talk about this!

In response to an article about Donald Trump's decision to temporarily ban people from some Muslim nations from entry to the United States.

Perhaps this will finally get us talking about the nature of Islam.

Islam is not just another religion. It is a religio-political system that is totally supremacist. According to the Quran Muslims are to be in jihad until Islam is supreme. This is completely incompatible with our democratic system of government.

Refugees on Manus Island

Refugees on Manus Island

It's easy to shout shame, shame. It's much harder to come up with a workable solution. If there was an easy solution do you think the government of the day wouldn't use it? The way I see it is:

The current political situation in Australia:

This is my assessment of the current political situation in Australia:

The left:

  • Centre left: Turnbull Coalition. Where Labor was ten years ago.
  • Extreme left: The Labor Party. Where the Greens were ten years ago.
  • Sinister left: Greens. Proposing ever more extreme and dangerous policies.
  • Somewhere on the left: Nick Xenophon. Also Jacqui Lambie, Derryn Hinch.

The right:

Reforming the Senate.

In response to Tony Abbott's suggestion that we reform the Senate so that there could be joint sittings of both houses to pass legislation blocked by the Senate, with the need for a double dissolution.

The Australian system is that the party with the most seats in the House of Representatives forms government. The Senate is meant to be a house of review.

Abbott and the confidence of voters.

Abbott and the confidence of voters.

Some have claimed that Tony Abbott '...failed dismally to win the confidence of most voters...'. But that can only be put to the test at an election, and he was denied that opportunity. The election he faced in 2013 he won handsomely.

Do African lives matter?

My response to a post on Facebook which highlighted the different responses we have to the various tragedies in the world.

G'day Phil. I share your grief at the horrors that are going on in the world. Just yesterday two bombings by Boko Haram in Nigeria killed 49 people. And the list goes on and on.

Knuckle dragging dinosaur

So the Greens reckon I'm a dinosaur for opposing gay marriage and the so-called 'safe schools', and Bill Shorten reckons I'm a 'knuckle dragger' for much the same thing. So, I must be a knuckle dragging dinosaur!

Aren't they good at throwing around insults to all who disagree, but are super sensitive to anything that might be said about their own views? Then they use terms like 'homophobe' and 'bigot' very freely.

Sydney shooting: jihadism isn’t about winning rights for Muslims

Sydney shooting: jihadism isn’t about winning rights for Muslims

The Australian, October 06, 2015 6:12PM

Chris Kenny, Associate Editor (National Affairs)

The Australian media and politics

Trump is morally unfit to be President!

Trump is morally unfit to be President!

With various wordings this has been the somewhat sanctimonious statement of various Christian leaders, and others. Trump is certainly not as pure as the driven snow, and they may well be right that he is morally unfit to be the leader.

But so were:

Mass migrations - seeking a better way

One of the correspondents to John Dickson's article quoted (NSW Premier) Mike Baird '" Sometimes you can know all the facts and statistics surrounding an unfolding tragedy, but it somehow remains an intangible or external problem. A problem that is almost too hard to get your head around.'