Marxism and postmodernism

Jordan Peterson on the connection between postmodernism and neo-Marxism.


Explaining Identity Politics

Explaining Identity Politics. It can be so confusing. All the different ways people take offense. All the different groups in society. The idea that firstly you are not an individual, but part of a group. Martyn Iles tackles these things and gives a good grounding in how they work.


Climate change

Many people, including many Christians, wonder about the 'climate change' phenomenon. Christians want to care for the world, for the environment. God gave us a world to live in and take care of. But is 'climate change' really a caring for the world issue, or is there something else going on? Martyn Iles, from the Australian Christian Lobby, discusses the nature of the 'climate change' phenomenon, its origins and its roots in postmodernism and cultural Marxism, and then goes on to give a Biblical viewpoint of it. The climate change discussion starts at the 20.54 minute stage.


The Christian foundations of western society.

John Anderson - former Australian Deputy Prime Minister - and Greg Sheridan - Foreign Affairs editor at The Australian newspaper - discuss the Christian foundation of Australia, and indeed all Western society. Also the influence of postmodernism, and the fracturing of society. Ultimately, though, they have a positive and optimistic outlook.


Who is GOD - Jordan Peterson Explains The Idea of God

Who is GOD - Jordan Peterson Explains The Idea of God. Dr Peterson shows a lot of insight, but he has a way to go to really understand the Biblical understanding of God. Still, a very worthwhile discussion. He speaks with passion and clarity.