Power failure in South Australia, September 2016

Interesting comment on the power supply situation in South Australia. The author's bias is obvious, but he does make some valid observations. The post was in response to a report that Bill Shorten, the federal opposition leader, had made some comment on the situation.

BS is no more qualified to talk about this issue than I am to talk about brain surgery but I know a bit about sparky type things.

The base load vs non base load mix in our antiquated electricity systems is very critical and unless SA want to spend billions rebuilding their network to stabilise the frequency some other way they will continue to have massive blackouts with every decent storm.

To say you can't blame the renewable mix is simply a lie and says to every electrical engineer in the world that " I Bill Shorten, union hack and PM wannabe, know more than you about electricity grids and you are all idiots."

Can I say it again so the greenies may understand.

All grid connected generators (alternators) are voltage regulated but they need to all be locked to same frequency. Wind Turbines and grid-interactive inverters (ie solar) rely on a stable 50Hz frequency to be able to contribute so to speak.

Base load power generators (ie steam) and conventional engines are needed in the system (at present 70%) to drive the frequency back to the reference if it climbs or falls.

There is a con being perpetrated on the Australian public by any politician who says we can move to a mix higher than 30% non base load with out a massive investment in frequency stabilising technology above and beyond the cost of the wind/ solar infrastructure.

Using an interconnector to buy coal fired baseload power from another state while claiming high renewable status is a profound deception. Emphasis added.