Pushing back against political correctness.

This is my response to a speech by Barack Obama in which he blamed the Republicans for the rise of Donald Trump.

Nothing more than a bit of political point scoring. Obama forgets, or deliberately decides not to mention, that the GOP did everything it could to prevent Trump from becoming the nominee. They presented several credible candidates. Many of their leaders refused to endorse Trump. They even held emergency meetings to try to work out says to block him. Obama is being disingenuous to ignore this!

The people chose to ignore the candidates and voted for Trump. Why? What is happening? Why are they voting for someone they otherwise would not consider? Why are respected Christian leaders such as Ben Carson and Mike Pence supporting Trump, even though they must have reservations about him? Until we begin to consider questions like these we will not understand what is happening in our times.

People generally don't like being ignored and bullied. They therefore are increasingly resentful of the politically correct bullying that is going on in our society, and American society, all the time. They are becoming resentful of having their opinions despised as 'racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, or Islamophobic', to quote Hillary Clinton. A '...basket of deplorables.', she said. A sneering dismissal of other people's views. And it is not limited to Clinton. 

The people are looking for leaders who can stand up to this kind of bullying.

The GOP had their opportunity to show some real listening and standing up for the people, but generally they didn't. Along comes Trump who tells the politically correct to get stuffed. Who says some of the things these people are thinking. Finally someone is listening to us! Saying out loud what we have been abused for saying for years! And you wonder why people vote for Trump?

Until the political leaders of the Western world start to listen to the people again, instead of trying to bully them into submission with political correctness, people like Trump who are prepared to stand up to the bullying will continue to gain support. In spite of the obvious personal flaws in people like Trump.

You can already see this happening all over the western world.