'Renewables' or nuclear?

Renewables are unreliable, expensive, cause pollution, are hazardous to wildlife, are incapable of generating baseload electricity, and are a blight on the landscape.

If you are serious about clean, inexpensive electricity, then you will be actively investigating nuclear energy. Nuclear generates large amounts of baseload energy with almost zero carbon output. It is safe, clean and plentiful. Australia has about 40% of the world's uranium reserves.

Australia should be a world energy superpower, with cheap nuclear energy available to industry, with a nuclear waste recycling industry, an export industry selling value added nuclear fuel... There is so much potential!

Instead we fiddle around with the most expensive and unreliable source of energy out there. So called 'renewables'. And our industrial base is leaving. Our country is vulnerable.

This is a national disaster and shame. Our leaders are failing us!